Our resources are based on human.
Alkaze family consists of people who have large number of areas of interest, different skills and high level of motivation which make us an exciting and a dynamic firm. We have costumers from every fields of industry which means different types of struggle and infinite number of possibilities for us.

So our personnel should have high level of academic background and significant amount of experience. Beyond these necessities we are looking for these specifications in our team members:
• Solution oriented.
• Practical solution skills.
• Sensitive to ethical values.
• Leadership.

You have to be a skilled and talented employee to work in Alkaze while we contribute to your talent and experience. We have training programs which may push your carrier and education level up and you are going to find new opportunities in our growing professional organization as a guide to your studies.

What are you going to learn in Alkaze?
You can think Alkaze as a school as we are dealing with various types of different problems in complicated business life. Therefore we are always in a manner that learning process goes on fluently and our experience is cumulating. You can work on a particular area in Alkaze and improve your skills about this studies and in the meantime you have a coaching from our expert engineers. Your learning speed on dynamics and innovation of the market depends on your ambition and motivation of you. You can see the large picture and the details as well in Alkaze, you learn it and design it.