Tübitak gives 500.000 TL to small and medium enterprises and 75% of this amount is grant. The total support that Tübitak gives to SME in a year is between 250 million TL and 500 million TL. The purpose of this support is to increase the qualifications of the production of our country which is a must for our development. If you want to increase your income and the profit of your company, you have to develop your production, products and processes for sure. So finance of these improvements can be supported by this project of Tübitak and these following R&D costs may be considered as the content of the project.

• Personnel costs (Current or for the following new ones).
• Devices or machines for laboratory and quality control.
• Raw material or compound of the product that is to be developed.
• Consumables for the test of the product.
• Computer, software or publication costs.
• Consultancy or other services costs.
• R&D services and analysis costs in domestic universities, R&D Centers of Tübitak or other private R&D Centers.

The advantage of this innovative project is not only the grant money but also there are tax reductions associated with these projects. The taxes are lowered from Tübitak basis according the the R&D Law, 5746.

1-Starting a project:
In order to take Tübitak grant support, it is sufficient to aim a technological innovation as process or production development are considered as a R&D project, so you don’t have to look for an invention at all. We arrange the studies like project and product development, feasibility, personnel training and workshops, we manage them and turn these into a project which has international standards.
If you are about to apply one of these studies or you are willing to apply:
• Quality improvement of your current product
• Developing a new product
• Cost reduction studies for your current production system
• Process and production development studies(like automation)
• Production cost reduction studies It means you can take the support.
2-Project writing: After we construct the project in a R&D format, our specialist engineers report your studies as a project according to Tübitak norms and international standards.
3-Apply for the project: We apply for the project which is built based on Tübitak regulations and we hold on leadership to communicate with related government agencies. We work with your company during referee visits and presentations.