The reach of Alkaze Innovative Engineering Consulting Solutions is projects which are spanned by costumer's demand with honesty, objectivity, feasibility and result based considerations.
We approach to the problems from different points of view, evaluating each of them and consider different solutions alternatives. We obtain the reasonable solution suggestions for our clients with these methods:

• Business analysis for R&D Investment Opportunities.
• Determining the potential and the way of R&D Investment.
• Obtaining a propensity to invest and idea of an innovative project for the firm.
• Analysis of the sources of the project for R&D Investment Consulting.
• Reporting the cost and the return of investment.
• Consultancy of incentive, credit and grant for R&D Investment Project.
• Tubitak R&D Subsidy, EU 7.ÇP, Eurostars, Eureka Projects, Development Agency Projects, IPARD Rural Development Projects, KOSGEB SME Subsidy Projects, SAN-TEZ Support, Investment Incentive, Job Plan and Feasibility Analysis.
• R&D Investment and Project Report.
• R&D and Investment Execution.
• R&D, Innovation and Project Cycle Trainings.

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