About Us

We aim to be the leader of the technical consultancy market and obtain values with creative, innovative and result based projects to our clients, shareholders, employees, solution partners and for society, especially considering small and medium enterprises while Turkish Industry is having a modernization process for global competition and adopting to value added production.

To be an expert on technical consultancy and leader in consulting Turkish Industry during the modernization to value added production, particularly small and medium enterprises.

Our Values
We work on our project in defiance of our common values which we put together as a guide for us under the title of our values. Our values determine not only the communication and manner of work within our family but also with our customers and solution partners. These are:

• Innovation
- Every project is handled with taking account the requirements of the company.
- Putting new wines into old bottles.
- Discovering undisclosed innovative ideas.
- Serving the recent techniques for our clients’ projects.
• Solution Oriented Manner
- Not being the part of the problem but of the solution.
- Being in an endeavor for the result under every circumstances.
• Tangible Value Added Increase  Adopting a method based on objective data set.
- Transferring all the necessary information to perpetuate the improvement.
- Constructing reliable communication built on trust.
- Targeting measurable and transparent service manner.
• Honesty
- Hiding clients’ secrets and data.
- Declaring opinions clearly which are different than the clients’.
- Achieving a consistency between what we said and what we did.
• Lifelong Learning
- Following new technologies and publications.
- Rapid and effective learning skills about the fields that we aren’t familiar with, from appropriate sources.
- Examining the customer’s feedback, learning them and making a deduction as an output.
• Sense of Responsibility
- Embracing our client’s project like it is ours and working with considering this responsibility.
- Having sense of responsibility to not only our customers but also to other firms to make right movements in our projects.
- Constructing a reliable bridge between our clients and the related foundations.
• Having a skill of revealing determination about what we believe as correct.
- We treat the customer’s benefit with prioritizing to it.
- Offering the best service to client with maximum efficiency.
- Defending the truth in our whole professional life.