About Us

Established in Istanbul (2007) by co-founders Alkan Balkaya and Erden Tüzünkan; Alkaze Innovative Engineering has, with its projects, become a sought-after and leading firm in Consulting.

While growing with the help of its powerful team and systematic work guidelines, Alkaze Innovative Engineering also conducts development assistive seminars and aids other companies.

Alkaze Innovative Engineering Solutions has been established in 2007 by Alkan Balkaya and Erden Tüzünkan in Istanbul and the company has been the leading consulting firm in its field. Alkaze is also developing with its qualified personnel and systematical working principles while we keep on holding seminars to companies to support their own improvement. We have worked with over 200 firms since 2007 with our professional employees who were graduated from the top universities of Turkey and are expert on different engineering fields.

The vision of Alkaze Innovative Engineering Solutions is being the leading consulting company with supporting Turkish Industry and especially small and medium enterprises.

We have common values under the title of our cultures which are orienting our projects and behavior pattern. These guiding rules are:

• Innovation
• Result based working
• Honesty • Lifelong Learning
• Sense of responsibility
• Pushing the right button